How we work

The vineyard as cornerstone

What makes wine special is that every vintage is different and therefore unique. The soil, the weather, the climate, the amount of sunlight and many other factors determine the individuality of each wine vintage. We aim to capture precisely this uniqueness along with the natural qualities of every vintage in our wines. Therefore the work in the vineyards is the cornerstone and guidepost for every quality we aim to reach. For us meticulous care of the vineyards throughout the entire year as well as quantity reduction of "grapes per vine" just before the grapes change colour are the only way to production of grapes with optimum ripeness.

Precise ripeness and hand-selected grapes

The transition from vineyard to cellar is defined by an exact ripeness criterion. Thus the harvest window is very tight so that the optimum degree of ripeness in the final product reflects its complexity and expressiveness. The grapes are harvested solely by hand, selected in the vineyard and then again subjected to an exact selection at the estate to prevent impurities in the crop.

Modern technology and careful handling

Modern technology is used to handle the grapes in the gentlest way possible, depending on the requirements of the current vintage. Generally the work in the cellar is confined to that which is necessary to promote the quality attained.

For us it is important that our wine only reaches the customer once it has reached its optimal maturity and thereby can develop its full potential. Wine needs time to mature and we give it the time it needs too. Before our wine is sold it has matured in the stainless steel tank, large wooden barrel or in the barrique, and been cellared in bottles for several months. The maturation periods are adjusted to the demands of each vintage.