After a modest year 2014 both in terms of quality and quantity we started full of aspiration into the new year.
Sufficient humidity during winter and a beautiful mild spring posed optimal conditions for the shoot. Blossoming went well too. For St.Laurent and Blaufränkisch we had to cope with thinner clusters, which on the other hand side had a positive effect on the quality.
Summer was dry and hot with many days above 35°C. To avoid damages we needed to water our Heideboden and younger sites frequently. Berries remained small but healthy and the rain in August with its cooling effect led to a slow ripening process and the preservation of fruitiness and elegance.
Harvest started on September 14th. We had great weather throughout, not to hot and only interrupted by a few rain showers in between. The healthy berries of our late varieties Blaufränkisch and Cabernet Sauvignon allowed us to take extra time before finishing the main part of the harvest on October 10th on our site Kalbskopf.
One month later we picked a marvelous “Muskat Trockenbeerenauslese” which resulted in a perfect finish of a wonderful vintage.