Red wines

At our estate red wine production is concentrated on the use indigenous (local) grape varieties that are then cultivated in accordance with the given terroir.

Quality through careful craftsmanship

The qualitative production of grapes requires much of the work in the vineyard in the vineyard be done by hand and is promoted among other things by limiting the yield of grapes per vine just before they change colour. Even the transition from vineyard to the cellar is done precisely by hand. Our trained staff already has performed the first stage of grape selection in the vineyard. The second stage of selection is then performed at the estate itself.

Controlled fermentation and ageing

The selected grapes are fermented by closed maceration under temperature control, whereby the maceration period depends on the quality and respective vintage. This is followed by the deacidification process in the fermentation stands or in the case of the highest quality wines, in barrique casks, whereby batonnage is also performed afterwards.

Our classic fruit-pronounced red wines have been aged up to one year in large wooden barrels and barrique casks that have been frequently refilled. The higher quality wines are aged up to 18 months in new, twice-filled or thrice-filled barrique casks.

Depending on the quality-oriented ageing in the barrel, a corresponding bottle ageing of 3 - 12 months follows, also depending on the quality, for three to 12 months, before the wine is offered for sale.