Sweet wines

Natural concentration on the lake Neusiedl

The grapes for our sweet wines come from the vineyards which are closest to the lake Neusiedl. The proximity to the lake is important in autumn where fog builds in the evenings, extends over the vineyards and stays until the next sunny autumn day. This climate condition helps the establishment of botrytis, a fungus which settles on the skin of the grapes and perforates it. This leads to a vaporization of the water in the grapes which results in a natural concentration.

Exotic fruit on the lake Neusiedl

Our focus within the sweet wine production is on the grape variety Muskat Ottonel, which in our opinion provides the most exciting play between expressive, exotic fruit aromas and the earthy, spicy note of botrytis.

The weather is decisive

The grade of concentration is defined by each vintage and the climate in autumn. That is the reason why each year there is either a Spätlese (sweet) or a Beerenauslese (sweeter) and only very rarely a Trockenbeerenauslese (sweetest)!